strutture autoportanti  per acrobatica aerea

UOU Aerea

strutture autoportanti  

per acrobatica aerea

Pyramid Rental UOU

Aerial Acrobatics for Hire in Salento!


Aerial Acrobatics for Hire

in Salento!

we are UOU aerial, manufacturers of self-supporting structures for aerobatics since 2012 based in Lecce.

we offer you the rental of freestanding aerobatic structures for the performance of your aerialist artists.

We bring the UOU pyramid structure to you, on time depending on your schedule, assemble it, and at the end of the activity we disassemble it and take it away.

rental can be done:

per single evening

by weekend (2 days)

per week (7 days)

self-supporting structure rental prices

single evening 350 euro

weekend (2 days) 450 euro

week (7days) 900 euro

each rental includes transportation, assembly and disassembly, meeting your schedule.

we propose that you set up a series of rentals to get discounts and schedule aerial dance performances in the season’s playbill, setting up the structure only on the days it will be used.


4 non-consecutive single evenings

1,100 instead of 1,400

4 weekend

1,300 instead of 1,800

Two non-consecutive weeks:

1,300 instead of 1,800

all prices are exclusive of VAT

we can provide you with professional performance equipment for your aerialist artists: fabric, hoop, trapeze.

we can put you in touch with local and national aerialist artists for performances.

for more information and to book dates:
email: – Franca: (+39) 388 3409264

if you want to be contacted

fill out the form and we will call you

if you want to be contacted fill out the form, we will call you back


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