UOU INOX pyramid


Pyramid Rig For Aerial Acrobatics in Stainless Steel – UOU Pyramid: 100% Rust Resistant both Internally and Externally, Eternal Material.

Stainless steel tubular aerial rig

Does not rust both inside and outside

resists bumps and scratches while preserving the satin finish.

The novelty of UOU, fully stainless steel tubular structure.

The classic UOU pyramid model now made of an everlasting material; superior quality maintains a rust-free finish both inside and out.

It can be left mounted and used outdoors for long periods, even year-round.

For all our rigs, delivery is free, throughout Europe.

height 6.3 mt
footprint on the ground triangle 5.8 m side
Possibility of mounting at different heights:
at 4.8 m height the footprint at the base is 4.6 m
at 3.4 m height the footprint is 3.3 m

assembly time: 15 minutes.
ideal to be mounted by two, can also be mounted by one person

video tutorial:

weight: 100 kg
longer elements:
nine 1.7 mt tubes
three 1.5 mt tubes
in a hatchback occupies two passenger seats

single and duo use
suitable for all fixed gymnastics, dance and aerial acrobatics equipment: aerial fabric, trapeze, smooth rope and aerial hoop