strutture autoportanti  per acrobatica aerea

UOU Aerea

strutture autoportanti  

per acrobatica aerea

pyramid UOU INOX

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pyramid UOU INOX

pyramid UOU NOIR

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for more than 10 years

we have been designing and constructing UOU aerial rigs since 2012


We guarantee maximum practicality and safety for all aerial disciplines: aerial hoop, fixed trapeze, smooth rope and aerial fabric

UOU aerea since 2012<br />
pyramid UOU INOX<br />

coloma roig /maiorca /spain
uou aerial since 2016

For each of your flights

designed to simplify assembly, disassembly and transportation, the UOU pyramid is versatile. ideal for both outdoor and indoor training in aerial gymnastics, aerial acrobatics and aerial dance

bulky q.b.

at the maximum height of 6.3 mt, the footprint on the ground is an equilateral triangle with a side of 5.8 mt with a height of 4.8 mt the side is 4.6 mt with 3.4 mt of 3.3 mt

lisa paris /bergamo /italy
uou aerea from 2019

esapacio la rota /badajoz /spain
uou aerea from 2020

you always carry it with you

composed of very light elements, weighs 90 kg and can be loaded and transported in the car with ease, even by one person. the heaviest element is the spire, weighing only 7.5 kg

the pyramids of europe

our facilities come to you quickly and safely. in Italy and throughout Europe thanks to the SendCloud platform integrated with our e-commerce

hannah anderson /belfast/united kingdom
uou aerea from 2020

luz gauchat /provence /france
uou aerea since 2018

up and down in a

the UOU pyramid is designed for itinerant use. in two can be assembled or disassembled in 15 minutes, and can also be assembled by one person

certified safety

UOU pyramid is certified for single and duo use. With all fixed gymnastics, dance and aerial acrobatics equipment: aerial fabric, trapeze, smooth rope and aerial hoop

alexa schönenberger /zurigo /switzerland
uou aerea from 2020

watch the video

They are beautiful to look at and are unique in their simplicity and practicality-I have even assembled and disassembled them myself.

Dario Cadei

Lecce / Italy

Very convenient structure to assemble, disassemble and transport-it fits comfortably in a car. Lucas Caravia always available.

Oscar Coser

Rovereto / Italy

Perfect pyramid structure! lightweight, easy to assemble, disassemble and load in the car. the cusp is wide and allows any figure to be performed. Plus it is beautiful and the view for the audience is great.

Loredana Gaudio

Brindisi / Italy

Assembles and transports easily, nothing to envy a porch, width of the spire leaves a good degree of movement at the top.

Gabriele Fisichella

Catania / Italy